Patterned Focal Wall

Patterned Focal Wall

This project transforms a bland white wall into a focal wall with an eye-catching fish scale pattern.

5 col

Difficulty: Easy

20" × 30" fish scale patterned stencil (1 or more)
Large sponge paint dabbers
Metallic satin-finish champagne gold paint
Paint tray
Painter’s tape
Water in spray bottle
Tape measure


1. Use the tape measure to measure the designated wall horizontally, and mark the center point with the pencil. Draw a horizontal line

2. Measure the wall vertically and mark the center point with a vertical line. The true center of the wall is where the two lines intersect and where the first stencil will be placed

3. Place the patterned stencil on the center point and hold the level on top as shown to make sure the stencil isn’t crooked

4. Once the stencil is level, tape the corners to the wall with painter’s tape and make sure the stencil lies flat against the wall

5. If you’re using additional stencils, line them up so that the arch pattern continues seamlessly

Designer Tip: Make sure to overlap the edges of the stencils to give the pattern a seamless look.

6. Put on your apron. Pour the metallic gold paint into the paint tray and lightly press the sponge into the paint. Get a very light coat of paint on the sponge so it doesn’t glob when applied to the wall. Wipe off excess paint on the edge of the tray

7. Lightly dab the sponge to the stencil. Do not smear. It’s okay if the paint is not applied evenly – that’s what gives the pattern a fish scale appearance

8. Double check that you didn’t miss any spots, and let the paint dry for at least an hour, or overnight if possible

9. Carefully remove the stencil to reveal a beautiful, subtly patterned wall

10. If needed, use a spray bottle filled with water and a rag to make any touch-ups

11. Repeat steps 1 through 10 until desired area is completely covered, as shown below


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