Patterned Mirrored Doors

Patterned Mirrored Doors

Upgrade your mirrored closet doors with an elegant patterned overlay!

5 col

Difficulty: Easy

Translucent paint

  • Sun Yellow
  • Amber Brown

Paint thinner
Dry rag
Painter’s tape
(2) 81” x 70.5” wide mirrored doors
(2) Paint trays
(3) Foam paintbrushes
Tape measure
Adhesive (silicon)
Satin Swiss Coffee paint
(3) Foam rollers

Frame molding (Pre-cut and primed)
(2) 81” L x 2” W frame molding
(8) 5” L x 2” W frame molding
(16) 9” L x 2” W frame molding


1. Take the cup and combine the translucent Sun Yellow, Amber Brown paint, and paint thinner together. Cover with a cloth and set aside to prevent drying, while prepping to paint the mirrors

2. Tape off the four edges of the mirror with the painter’s tape

3. Uncover the translucent paint and paint thinner mix, pour into the paint tray. Remove the foam from the foam roller and apply the paint and thinner mix in a circular motion. Let dry for 20 minutes


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4. Once dry, to create your design pattern on your mirror, take a tape measure and measure the length of the bottom and top of the door. Mark at the center point with a piece of painter’s tape

5. Line up the 81” frame molding with the marked center at the top/bottom of the door, and arrange the pattern completely before applying adhesive

  • Use (4) 9” frame molding pieces to create a wide diamond on the lower part of the door
  • Use (4) 9” frame molding pieces to create a wide diamond on the top portion of the door
  • Use (4) 5” frame molding pieces to create a small diamond in the center

6. Apply silicon adhesive to each piece of frame molding, starting with the center piece. Make a very straight line and use a dry rag to clean up any excess

7. Pour the paint into a paint tray, mix with the rollers, and apply to the primed frame molding. Let dry for 20 minutes

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