Peel-and-Stick Wood Panel Wall

Peel-and-Stick Wood Panel Wall

Get the accent wall of your dreams with easy-to-install wood panels.

5 col

Difficulty: Intermediate

1/8"-wide peel-and-stick wood panels
Wallpaper roller
Step ladder
Measuring tape


1. Use the measuring tape to find the center point of the wall. Draw a vertical line with the pencil from the floor to the ceiling. Use a level to ensure the line is straight

2. Apply the first peel-and-stick wood panels. Remove the adhesive, and carefully place the panels along the center line drawn in step 1. Use the wallpaper roller to bond the panel to the wall. Follow the chevron pattern and apply the boards until the wall is completely covered  

3. For a professional, finished look, add a border around the outside of the wall. This will clean up any uneven lines along the edges of the wall or the ceiling

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