Personalized Art Gallery

Personalized Art Gallery

Make family photos even more special with stylish embellished frames.

5 col

Difficulty: Easy

Assortment of family pictures in different sizes (e.g., 9" × 12", 8" × 10", 5" × 7")
Picture frames with mats to fit your pictures
Rubber cement
Clear glass mirror-effect spray
Glass cleaner
Metallic permanent paint markers in various colors
Refrigerator magnets, spray-painted gold
Spray bottle with 1 part water, 1 part white vinegar
Scotch tape
Quick-grab adhesive
Gold spray paint
Latex gloves


1. Remove the glass from a picture frame. Put the frame and mat aside. Use the glass cleaner to remove any dust on the glass. Put on latex gloves, and smear the rubber cement around the perimeter of the glass

2. Sprinkle a small amount of dirt onto the glue

3. Spray the water-vinegar solution on the dirt and glue. You only need a light layer of the solution on the glass

4. Lightly spray the clear glass mirror-effect spray on the perimeter of the glass. Don’t spray in the middle so that the photo will still be visible


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5. Let dry for 2 minutes

6. Once the clear mirror-effect spray is dry, rub the glue off by hand

7. Set the glass aside, and grab the frame and mat. Tape your desired photo to the back of the mat so that it’s centered

8. Insert the glass into the frame, and make sure the clean side is facing out. Insert the photo taped to the mat, and close up the frame with the backing

9. Use the metallic permanent markers to write a memory, names, dates or cute thoughts that relate to the picture

10. Spray paint refrigerator letter magnets gold, or leave them as is, and spell simple words on the glass, such as “kiss,” “love” or “family.” Attach the letters to the glass with quick-grab adhesive

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