Photo Blocks Puzzle

Photo Blocks Puzzle

Create a dynamic interactive art piece using black-and-white photos.

5 col

Difficulty: Easy

(2) Photographs enlarged to 2’x 2’ photo paper
(6) Original photographs for reference
(48) Precut wood blocks – 4x4 posts cut into squares
Paper cutter
Sand paper (60 Grade)
Decoupage Medium
Paint tray
Paint roller


1. Lay wood blocks into a grid 6 blocks across, 8 blocks down. Sand down the blocks on all 4 sides gently until smooth

2. Use the straight edge of the paper cutter and T-square to slice photos into (48) 4x4 squares

3. Create a numbering system since you will be applying 2 photos to the blocks. This helps prevent confusion when laying down the photos. Number the face of one side of all the blocks with a “1” for the first photo and the direct opposite side with a “2” for the second photo. See grid below


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4. Pour the decoupage in the tray, and apply the decoupage to the top of the blocks, one block at a time, with a paint roller. It’s always best to paint the surface with decoupage glue first, then affix the paper, and then paint over the paper again with the glue

5. Using the reference photo, attach the pieces of the photograph to the blocks in the corresponding location to complete the picture

6. Use the paint roller to apply decoupage glue to the top of the photograph pieces. Wipe excess glue with a paper towel

Set aside to dry for 30 minutes. Once one side is complete, rotate each block in the same direction, and repeat steps 1-6 to apply remaining photographs until all sides of the block are covered in photos

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