Photo Wall Storage

Photo Wall Storage

Bring new life to a plain bedroom with this sophisticated DIY photo wall storage.

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Difficulty: Intermediate

Tape measure
(2) 1” x 4” pieces of wood sconces
Drill with pre-drill bit
2 1/2” screws
(2) Tower bookcases (6 feet tall)
Phillips Head screw
(2) 1/2” Plywood (4’ x 8’)
1” Screws
Spackle knife
4’ x 8’ tall photo blown up with adhesive backing (from any photo store)


1. Use the tape measure to measure the length of the wall (in this case the wall was 7 feet). Make a mark at the halfway point of the wall (approximately 3.5-4 feet)

2. Place the two 1” x 4” pieces of wood approximately 2 feet apart from one other. Place each 1” x 4” wood piece 1 foot from center mark on opposite sides

3. Use the drill and pre-drill bit to make two holes into the back of the 1” x 4” sconce. Drill 1-2 inches from edge

4. Secure the 1” x 4” sconce to the wall by using regular 2 1/2” wood screws, using the level before drilling to ensure the piece is straight. Repeat for both sconces


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5. Position the 2 bookcases against the 1” x 4” sconces. Use regular Phillips Head screws and the drill to drill two holes into the sconce through the bookshelves

6. Next, take the 4’ x 8’ sheet of plywood and center it in front of the two secured bookshelves. Once you have determined your placement, pre-drill and then use the drill to install (2) 1” wood screws into the plywood. Place the screws approximately 4 inches from the side edge, 2 inches from the bottom edge, and 11 inches apart. Repeat, placing two sets of screws on the top and bottom in each corner

7. Use the spackle knife to apply spackle to the screw holes. This helps prevent the sight of “depressions” when the photo goes up over the plywood

8. Lastly, take the blown up photo, remove the adhesive protection like a sticker, and apply to the plywood. Start from the top and work your way downwards, rolling over the edges on both sides until smooth

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