Pop Up Flower Vase

Pop Up Flower Vase

This project creates a simple yet stylish flower vase with wood and recycled glass bottles.

5 col


(2) 20” x 7” x ¾” Poplar lumber
(2) 7” x 7” x ¾” Poplar lumber
(5) 7” glass bottles
Nail gun 18-gauge with 2” brad nails
Drill with 1-1/8” spade bit
Sandpaper block – medium grit 90 – 120
Safety glasses
Wood glue
Wood stain – color of your choice
Dry rag
Rubber gloves
(5) Single stem flowers



  1. Place the 20” x 7” x ¾” lumber on your work surface and apply a line of wood glue along the short edges. Press the (2) 7” x 7” x ¾” lumber on top of the wood glue at 90° to the larger piece and flush with the edges (See image below)

  1. Carefully turn the frame over. Put on safety glasses. Using a nail gun 18-gauge with 2” brad nails, secure the 20” x 7” x ¾” lumber to the smaller lumber pieces directly below. Make sure to keep the nail gun level so the brad nails go straight down into the smaller lumber pieces and not poke out the sides. Use 4 brad nails, evenly spaced, per side (See images below)

  1. Turn the frame over. Apply a line of wood glue along the tops of the 7” x 7”x ¾” lumber pieces and place the 20” x 7”x ¾” lumber piece on top. Check to make sure all the edges are flush (See images below)

  1. Repeat Step 2 to secure the 20” x 7”x ¾” lumber in place (See image below)


  1. Use a ruler to measure the halfway point along the short edge of the top of the frame. This will be 3½”. Mark with a pencil and then repeat on the opposite end. Connect the two marks to make a faint line along the length of the top of the frame (See images below)

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  1. Use a ruler to measure 10” along the pencil line from Step 5 and mark with a pencil. This is the center point and the position of the first pilot hole. Measure 3½” and 7” to the left of the center point and make a pencil mark at each measurement. Repeat to the right of the center point. These 5 marks are the placement of the 5 pilot holes that will be drilled in the following step (See image below)

  1. Using a drill with a 1-1/8” spade bit, drill 5 pilot holes though the top of the frame using the pencil marks from Step 6 as a guide (See images below)

  1. Smooth any rough edges around the holes with a medium grit sandpaper block (See image below)


  1. Put on rubber gloves. Dip a dry rag into the stain and rub it back and forth all over the wood frame, including in the pilot holes and the underside. The stain will dry very fast so wipe any stain drips immediately (See images below)

  1. Place the 7” glass bottles underneath the pilot holes in the top of the frame (See images below)

  1. Trim the stems of 5 flowers so they are about 12” long and place one in each bottle (See images below)

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