Potato Stamp Art

Potato Stamp Art

Use Designer Nicole Gibbons’ instructions to create fun art from potato stamps.

5 col

36-by-24 -inch Canvas
Brown potatoes
Small kitchen knife
Acrylic paint various colors
Small cookie cutter


  1. Using a small kitchen knife, cut your potatoes in half. You can make two stamps per potato so if you have 6 colors, you’ll need 3 potatoes
  2. Take the bottle cap of your acrylic paint (or a small cookie cutter) and press into the center of the potato
  3. Remove the cap and notice an exposed ring in the potato (see picture below). Take your knife and cut out the outer ring leaving a small circle in the center of the potato. Repeat this process for the rest of your potatoes

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Tip: Feel free to get creative and carefully cut out different shapes out of your small circle, such as stars, diamonds, or triangles.

  1. Find a safe and portable surface to use as a paint pallet your paint onto the surface and make sure the different colors are at least 3 inches apart
  2. Dab your potatoes into the paint so that the entire stamp portion of the potato is covered. Be sure to use one potato per color, as they don’t mix paint as well as a paintbrush would
  3. Press your potato stamps onto the canvas in your desired pattern. Keep stamping until your canvas is filled or until you have achieved your desired design

Tip: If your want your dots to be symmetrical, measure out a grid using a tape measure making marks with a pencil every 3”. Then stamp dots on each mark.

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