Pressed Floral Art

Pressed Floral Art

Follow designer Jinnie Choi’s simple instructions to turn pressed flowers into wall décor.

5 col

Assortment of fresh flowers for drying
Flower press or large old disposable book with a bar clamp
Picture frame — any size
Acid-free spray glue
Sheet of decorative art paper — subtle or no print
Craft knife
Dry rag
Picture hooks (optional for wall frames)


  1. Place fresh flowers in between several pages of an old book or flower press, making sure none of the flowers are overlapping. Smooth out the petals so when the flowers are pressed, they’ll retain their best shapes. Close the book and use a bar clamp to keep it securely shut for 5 to 7 days, allowing time for the flowers to dry

Tip: Use flowers that aren’t too bulky, for example, ferns, poppies or pansies. If the stem is thin, it can remain on the flower. Roses tend to be too bulky but the petals can be removed and pressed individually.


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  1. Remove the pressed flowers from the old book and put to one side
  2. Remove the backing of the frame. Apply acid-free spray glue to the backboard surface, and then press it down onto a piece of decorative art paper. Use a craft knife to trim the decorative paper around the edge of the backing

  1. Turn the frame backing over and arrange the pressed flowers on the decorative paper. Once they are arranged to your liking, remove one flower at a time and sparingly apply spray glue to the back of it. Press it back in place, and then repeat for each additional flower until they are all secure
  2. Before placing the backboard back into the frame, wipe the inside glass with a dry rag to make sure it’s clean from dust
  3. Secure the backboard back into the frame using its accompanying hardware
  4. Use picture hooks to hang the frame on the wall (optional)

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