Puff Ball Lanterns

Puff Ball Lanterns

Use Designer Kim Myles’ simple instructions for making a beautiful, eye-catching lampshade.

5 col

(1) Large paper lantern (with cord kit included)
Hot glue sticks
Hot glue gun
Mixing bowl
500 ct. pack of coffee filters
(1) 60-watt light bulb
Ceiling hook
Wall hook


Decorate the Lantern:

  1. Use an existing paper ball lantern or buy one from local craft store. If new from store, follow instructions from paper lantern to set up the light
  2. Place paper ball lantern on mixing bowl to stabilize while you work

  1. Apply some hot glue to bottom of coffee filter and adhere to outside of lantern

Tip: Place the coffee filters as close together as possible. This will enhance the appearance of the filters’ ruffles.


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  1. Repeat step 3, gluing coffee filters very close together and working your way around the lantern

Attach Cord Kit:

  1. Screw the 60-watt light bulb into bulb socket
  2. Insert the bulb and socket end of the cord kit through the top opening of the lantern, leaving the majority of the cord outside the exterior of the lantern. The “top” of the lantern will be the end with the “C” loop on it, as described in the paper lantern instructions
  3. To hold the cord in place within the lantern, slip the cord through opening of the “C” loop on the top of the lantern

Hang the Lantern:

  1. Locate a place on ceiling to hang lantern. Ensure you’re close enough to an outlet to plug in the lantern. Screw the ceiling hook into ceiling using a screwdriver
  2. Determine where you will plug in the light. Screw in a wall hook at 5 feet above the outlet. This will allow you to tuck the cord against the wall and out of walking/working space

Hang lantern from ceiling hook at desired height. If light is where people will stand, you want the bulb to hang 1 foot above eye level standing. If light is where people will sit, you’ll want to bring it down lower to just slightly above eye level when seated.

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