Punched Metal Side Tables

Punched Metal Side Tables

Create unique punched metal side tables using metal sheets and wooden tabletops.

5 col

Difficulty: Easy

1 punched aluminum sheet
1 pre-stained wood round
Heavy-duty work gloves
Metal cutting pliers
Spray paint primer
Gold spray paint
4 small wood anchor blocks/cubes
(8) 2” wood screws
(4) 1” wood screws
(5) ½” metal bolts with nuts


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  1. Cut aluminum sheets to desired height with metal cutting pliers
  2. Prime the metal – paint gold (let dry for 30 minutes)
  3. Fold the aluminum sheets so the ends overlap 1”, creating cylinders
  4. Using ½” metal bolts and nuts, secure the cylinders. Attach the ends first, then the center. Then add one between the top and the middle and another between the bottom and the middle for a total of five,
    Security tip: Always wear heavy-duty gloves when handling metal sheets
  5. Place wood tabletop upside down and place the metal sheet cylinder centered on top. Trace the cylinder with a permanent marker
  6. Place 4 wood blocks around the inside of the traced circle, screw them in to wood round using 2” wood screws (2 screws per block)
  7. Once all 4 blocks have been screwed in, place the metal cylinder back onto the wood round, with the wood blocks on the inside
  8. When the cylinder is in place, use 1” wood screws to screw through the metal sheet hole and into the wood block, securing everything together. Repeat for all 4 blocks (1 screw per block)
  9. Turn table over

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