Rain Gutter Planters

Rain Gutter Planters

Use designer Kenneth Wingard's tips to repurpose gutters into hanging planters.

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Create hanging planters to adorn your outdoor space out of repurposed metal gutters, from experts on Home Made Simple TV.

Tape measure
Metal rain gutters with end caps
Tin snips
Power drill
3/8” drill bit
9/32” drill bit
3/8” Eye bolts with nut
1 1/2” Washers
3/4” Washers
2” Zinc plated S-hooks
5/16” x 2-7/8” Stainless steel screw eyes
(4) 20” precut chains
(4) 16” precut chains
Assorted plants
Potting soil 



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  1. Measure the rain gutter to the desired length for the planter. Cut the gutter to the desired length using the tin snips. Place the end caps on each end of the cut gutter.

Tip: Have the gutter cut for you at the local hardware store at the time of purchase to save time.

  1. Using the drill and 3/8” drill bit, drill two holes, about 16” apart, in the center of the back and front wall of the gutter. Position the holes about 1” from the top edge of the gutter.
  2. Using the 9/32” drill bit, drill two holes, about 16” apart, in the center of the gutter’s bottom.
  3. Insert one eye-bolt, upside down, into the bottom of the rain gutter’s exterior through each drilled hole. Place one 1 1/2” washer onto the threads of the hook and then place one 3/4” washer on top of that. Secure everything by placing and tightening the nut onto the top of the washers.
  4. Place one S-hook through each hole that you drilled into the back and front walls of the gutter.
  5. Using the drill and 9/32” drill bit, create pilot holes about 17” apart, in the beam or ceiling where your planter will hang from. Screw one screw eye into each pilot hole.  Place one S-hook on each screw eye.
  6. Hang the 4 20” chains from the ceiling S-hooks – two chains on each hook. Then, hang the planter on the end of the chains from the S-hooks attached to the planter.
  7. Repeat steps 2 through 7 to create the additional levels of the gutter planter. Attach each new level to the existing one using the same hanging method, but using the 16” chains and hanging from the eye-bolts on the bottom of the gutter.
  8. Once the planter is hanging, place the potted plants into the gutters and add the soil to compete the planter.

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