Ray of Sunshine Headboard

Ray of Sunshine Headboard

This project creates a unique, simple and rustic headboard that adds flair to the bedroom.

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(14) 2” x 2” pieces of plywood pre-cut to 94”
(14) 1” x 2” pieces of plywood, various sizes
Heavy-duty contractor’s glue
18-gauge brad nailer with 2” nails
Dark walnut wood stain
(3) Pairs of gloves (to stain)
(3) Paint brushes
(3) Dry rags
(3) Safety goggles (for installing the headboard)
Spacer (cut at 3”across)


1. Put on the gloves and use the paintbrushes to stain each piece of plywood. Start with the lower 2” x 2” x 94” wood pieces. Leave one side raw where we will put the glue to attach to the wall

Expert Tip: Use “batching” to apply the stain on the wood. Batching is simply doing the same step at the same time, to as many pieces as possible. Load the brush with stain, start in the center of the plywood group, and brush at the same time, moving in circular motions.

2. Immediately wipe the excess stain with a dry rag. Repeat steps 1-2 until all boards achieve a smooth, evenly stained surface

3. Measure the width of the headboard along the wall and mark the center with a pencil (in this case, the headboard is 62 inches wide, and center is 31 inches)


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4. Apply wood glue to three spots on the plywood (left, middle, and right)

5. Line up the first piece of 94 inch plywood to the center mark from step 4 and use the level to ensure that it is straight

6. Use the brad nailer to nail along the board

7. Use the spacer to line up the next board before nailing into the wall. Glue, line up, and repeat until all 14 of the stained wallboards are installed. Start from the center and work your way out. It should be 62 inches across when complete

8. Repeat steps 5-8 for the 14 pieces of plywood that will be installed on the ceiling, alternating the placement of each various size, using the speed square to ensure the edge pieces are lined up straight

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