Reach-in Curtain Closet

Reach-in Curtain Closet

Use Designer Kim Myles’ instructions for crafting a personalized closet cover to your liking.

5 col

(3) Dark colored curtains measured to length of wall (For this project, the curtain was 118”)
White chalk
White ink graffiti marker
Cardboard scrap (to test graffiti markers)
Hospital curtain rod kit with S hooks
Shelving kit


Installing the rod:

  1. Follow manufacturer instructions for installing shelving kit and hospital curtain rod kit, ensuring that the curtain rod is out far enough from wall to accommodate shelving
Decorating the curtain:
  1. Lay out curtain on floor or table
  2. Use white chalk to layout your design on curtain
Tip: For this project, we only decorated the bottom 1/3 of the curtain because the top is going to be used as a video backdrop.
  1. When happy with your chalk design, test graffiti marker on cardboard, then trace over your chalk design on curtain with graffiti marker.

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  1. Allow the graffiti marker to dry
Installing the curtain:
  1. Attach curtain to rod by lining up end of curtain to end of rod and slipping 1 end of S-hook through hanging backing on curtains and the other end through the hole in the rod clips

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