Reclaimed Wood Art

Reclaimed Wood Art

Follow this step-by-step guide for creating a piece of art from reclaimed wood.

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Large picture frame
1/4-inch plywood, pre-cut to the height and width of your picture frame
(4) 4-inch scrap wood
Wood glue
(80 – 120) Paint sticks and/or pieces of 1”x2” scrap wood
Acrylic paints – colors of your choice
Wood stain – different stains
(12) 1-inch wood nails


Preparing the frame:

  1. Carefully remove the glass and backing from the frame and safely discard. Turn the frame over and place the plywood on the back. The plywood will be used as the surface to attach the wood sticks in later steps
  2. To hold the plywood in the frame, apply wood glue to the first piece of 4-inch scrap wood and press it over the plywood and frame in one corner. To permanently secure the scrap wood, hammer three nails along its length, one in the center and one at each end. Repeat for each corner

Preparing the paint sticks and scrap wood:

  1. Paint the scraps of wood and paint sticks in an assortment of colors and stains. Set aside to dry
  2. Use a handsaw to cut some of your scrap wood and paint sticks to different lengths for design variation in later steps

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Adding the paint sticks and wood to the frame:

  1. Starting in one corner of the frame and working horizontally across, arrange the paint sticks and scrap pieces of wood in a horizontal pattern to your liking. Once you have a few rows laid down, go back and apply wood glue on the back of each piece of wood and press back down

Tip: To add dimension to your design, glue several sticks on top of each other. Spaces can also be left between painted sticks since the plywood backing is a natural look.

  1. Repeat Step 5 for additional rows of wood and sticks until the frame is filled and your design is complete

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