Reclaimed Wood Book Holder

Reclaimed Wood Book Holder

Repurpose reclaimed wood into functional book holders for your walls.

5 col

Large piece of reclaimed wood
Hand Saw
Tape measure
L-brackets (two per shelf; large enough for the block to rest on)
3” screws
Power drill
Stud finder


  1. Purchase or salvage the wood blocks. Depending on how long the shelf will be, some companies will cut it for you. If not, have the wood cut down to size at a local hardware store.
  2. Measure to determine how long you’ll like the notches. Mark one line where each notch will begin and end. Cut notches into the wood block to accommodate the width of the books.
  3. Using the hand saw, cut a 3” deep carving on the drawn lines, starting the notches. Cut a third line, the same depth, in between the two original carvings.
  4. Using the chisel and hammer, drive out all of the wood between the sawed lines. Place the chisel into each sawed line and hit the back of the chisel firmly and carefully with a hammer, driving out the wood.
  5. Once the book notches have been fully created, quickly sand the chiseled edges.

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To Mount

  1. Use the level and pencil to draw a perfectly horizontal line at the height you want the book holder to rest.
  2. Using the stud finder, locate the studs in the wall, along the drawn line, and prepare to install the L-brackets on the ends of the drawn line. Make sure the L-brackets will be positioned directly on top of the studs.
  3. With the brackets and studs now aligned, place the L-brackets so that the right angle sits right on top of the line.
  4. Drive one 3” screw into the hole of each L-bracket and into the stud, securing the bracket to the wall. Place the book holder on top of the brackets, making sure it’s aligned evenly.
  5. Drive one of the screws included with the L-brackets through the bottom holes, into the wooden book holder.

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