Reclaimed Chevron Headboard

Reclaimed Chevron Headboard

This project creates a simple yet rustic queen-sized headboard for your bedroom.

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Difficulty: Difficult

3/4” Plywood (60” x 48”)
Tape measure
(9) 1” x 4” pieces of reclaimed wood (tongue groove wood from a fence)
Heavy-duty construction adhesive
23 gauge 1” nails
Pin nailer
Safety glasses
2” x 3” piece of plywood as guide for the jigsaw
Speed square
Wood trim (measured at 1” x 4” x 48” and 1” x 4” x 61 1/2”)


1. Take the 3/4” plywood that is 60 inches across, and find the very center of the plywood (30 inches). Draw a vertical line from the top the bottom of the plywood

2. Line up 2 pieces of the 1” x 4” pieces of reclaimed wood fence posts to the center point, keeping the edges flush

3. Secure the pieces of reclaimed wood fence posts with the adhesive. Lay down 3 drops (top, middle, bottom)

4. Secure the wood by using the pin nailer with two nails in the top, one in the middle, and two at the bottom of the wood. Repeat for the second piece


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5. Repeat steps 2-4 until all pieces of the wood are laid out

6. Use the jigsaw to cut off the wood pieces that exceed the end of the plywood base. Clamp down the 2” x 3” piece of plywood and use as a guide for the jigsaw as you cut

7. Fill in the open spaces on the headboard with the excess pieces of the wood cut in step 6, repeating the gluing and nailing steps. Use the jigsaw to smooth any edges as needed

8. Apply adhesive to the wood trim and use the brad nailer to attach to the headboard. Repeat until all four pieces of trim are attached to the four sides of the headboard

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