Reclaimed Wood Lighting Fixture

Reclaimed Wood Lighting Fixture

This project from designer Kenneth Wingard attaches hanging pendant lights to reclaimed wood.

5 col

Difficulty: Intermediate

2” x 8” x 40” Reclaimed lumber
Strip extension cord
Men’s leather belt
(4) Pendant light sockets
(4) Filament bulbs
(2) 3” Screw cup hooks
Long zip ties
Drill with a ¼” pre-drill bit
Staple gun with heavy-duty staples
Glue gun with heavy-duty glue sticks
Work gloves
Long stem screwdriver (any type)



1. Place the lumber on its narrow 40” side on your work surface. Measure with a ruler 8” in from the edge and mark with a pencil. Mark 4” in on the opposite side of the wood. These will be where the hooks are placed

2. Using a drill with a ¼” pre-drill bit, drill pilot holes through your two pencil marks from Step 1. Screw a cup hook into each hole so the hook is facing inwards along the lumber (See images below)

Tip: Use a long stem screwdriver as a torque to help screw the hook into the wood. It will be a tight fit

3. Cut a belt in half using shears and place one end on top of the lumber inline with the screw. Hold in place with a staple. Loop the belt up and around the back of the lumber until it is meets the back of the screw. Cut off any excess with shears and staple in place (See image below)


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4. Repeat Step 3 for the opposite side of the lumber


5. Lay the lumber face side down. Take the power strip and apply hot glue generously over the back of it. Press it down in the center of the back of the 

6. Take the first light cord and hang it approximately 15”-18” below the lumber between the end of the lumber and the leather belt. Wrap the cord twice around the lumber. Fold up the excess cord and secure it in a bundle using a zip tie leaving just enough excess to plug it into the power strip (See image below)

7. Add the next three light cords spacing them evenly along the lumber and alternating how far they hang down. You can decide how long or short you want them to hang. Repeat Step 6 for each light cord (See image below)

8. Once the light cords are in place, add filament bulbs to each socket

Tip: Wear work gloves to avoid touching the light bulb directly. This will stop oils from your fingers transferring onto the bulb that can reduce its longevity

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