Reclaimed Wood Valance

Reclaimed Wood Valance

Create unique wood valances that add flair to any window.

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Difficulty: Intermediate

(1) 8' × 6" plywood board, precut and stained (front of valance base)
(2) 8" × 2" plywood pieces (sides of valance base)
(4) 8' × 6" reclaimed boards
(2) 2" × 6" cleats (wood blocks used as supports)
Protective goggles
Power drill
2" wood screws
Nail gun
Brad nails


1. Prepare the base of the valance. Use two wood screws to secure the 8' × 8" stained plywood base to the 8" × 2" stained plywood side pieces using the drill and wood screws

2. Use the jigsaw to cut pieces of reclaimed wood to fit and dress the side and front of the valance base. Cut the pieces long enough to overhang at the bottom and top so the plywood is not seen. The reclaimed wood pieces will not be the same length – the base just needs to be fully covered by them

3. Use a nail gun to secure the reclaimed wood in place with brad nails

4. Cut pieces of reclaimed wood to cover the front of the base. As with the sides, cut the pieces long enough to match the overhang of the side pieces at the bottom and top so the plywood is not seen

5. Secure the reclaimed pieces to the front of the base with brad nails

6. Now that the valance is assembled, the cleats must be hung. Align the bottom of one 2" × 6" cleat to the top of the window with about 1" overlap, and attach them to the wall with two screws. Do the same for the opposite side of the window – there should be a cleat on each side

Designer Tip: Cleats are attached materials that serve as support

7. Hang the wood valance above the window by securing it to the cleats through the sides of the valance with wood screws

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