Redressed TV Stand

Redressed TV Stand

Turn an old dresser into a TV stand with Designer Jinnie Choi’s step-by-step instructions.

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By removing some drawers and painting an old dresser, we make a TV stand with tons of storage space!

Pin nails
Spray adhesive
Phillips head bit
1 1/2-inch Spade bit
White gloss latex paint with primer
Yellow gloss latex paint with primer
(3) Paintbrushes
(1) Paint roller
(2) 25 1/2-by-17 1/2-inch plywood
13-by-1 -inch Plywood
5 3/4-by-1 -inch Plywood
(2) 13-by2 -inch Plywood
120-grit Sandpaper
Phillips head screwdriver
Flat head screwdriver


  1. Remove the top drawers of your dresser and discard them
  2. Remove any housings from the top drawers (i.e. drawer gliders or tracks) using the appropriate tools. You will most likely need a Phillips head screwdriver and/or flat head screwdriver. We used a drill for the front but needed a screwdriver to get to the hard to reach screws in the back

  1. Lightly sand the outside of your dresser using 120-grit sandpaper to prep for painting
  2. Remove the remaining drawers and set aside for later
  3. In a well-ventilated area, use a roller to paint the outside of your dresser with the white gloss latex paint with primer. Apply a second coat if needed
  4. With your paintbrush, paint the faces of the drawers and the 5 3/4-by-1 -inch piece of plywood with the white gloss latex paint with primer. Apply a second coat if needed

Tip: On the drawers, make brush strokes from one end of the drawer to the other without stopping to avoid streaking.

  1. With your yellow gloss latex paint with primer, paint the (2) 13-by-1 -inch and (2) 25 1/2-by-17 1/2-inch pieces of plywood. Apply a second coat if needed, and allow paint to dry before moving on to the next step
  2. Next, secure the 13”x2” pieces to provide stability before the plywood gets placed inside the open drawer. Spray adhesive onto one side of the 13”x2” piece of plywood. Place the wood in the space left by one of the drawers where the drawer tack would have been. Eyeball the center of the empty space and apply pressure to adhere to the wood. (see picture below)

  1. Repeat for the other top-drawer space. These pieces will provide stability for the plywood pieces and for any media components you choose to place in the space once its finished

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  1. Now we’ll adhere the plywood to the empty drawer space to give a decorative flat surface. Spray adhesive onto the back of the 25 1/2-by-17 1/2 –inch piece. Carefully place it in the right empty drawer space. (This should fit very tightly into the space). Press down firmly. Do the same on the right side with the other 25 1/2-by-17 1/2 –inch piece. If your plywood wants to warp, then hammer pin nails through the plywood to attach it to the dresser.

  1. There is a gap between the two yellow pieces of plywood which will be filled with the 13-by-1 -inch yellow piece of plywood. Use the spray adhesive to glue the backside to the bottom of the dresser in between the two 25 1/2-by-17 1/2 –inch pieces

  1. Take your drill with the 11/2-inch spade bit attachment and drill two holes — one on the left and one on the right of the backside of the empty drawer space of the dresser. This will allow you to run the wires to your media components without the wires being seen

13. Lastly, take a paintbrush and paint the inside walls of the empty drawer space yellow

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