DIY Beach-inspired Dresser

DIY Beach-inspired Dresser

Give an old dresser gets an updated nautical look with Kenneth Wingard’s instructions.

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Refurbish an old dresser with a new coat of paint, storage baskets, and nautical-inspired drawer handles.

Interior semi-gloss paint
Paint rollers and paintbrushes
Paint pan
Decorative baskets
100-grit sandpaper
Twine rope

Instructions for Painting

  1. Remove the bottom row of drawers and gliders from the dresser
  2. Remove all of the existing handles from the drawer faces
  3. Using the sandpaper, sand the entire dresser and all of the drawer faces to remove the existing paint or finish that may exist
  4. Use the paint roller and paintbrush to paint the dresser and all of the drawer faces with the primer.
  5. Allow ample time for the primer to dry
  6. Once the primer has dried completely, use a clean paint roller and paintbrushes to paint the dresser with the interior semi-gloss paint. Let dry.
  7. Apply a second coat of paint
  8. Once the paint has dried, use the sandpaper to rub off some of the layers of paint on the corners and edges to create an antique look

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Instructions for Rope Handles
To replace the handles and create a nautical inspired look, use twine rope to create new drawer pulls.

  1. Cut the twine into 8-inch pieces.
  2. There should be one piece of twine per drawer. Replace handles that existed before with the rope pieces, by knotting the rope on the inside of drawer.
  3. Once the rope handles have been installed, put the drawers back into place

Tip: If the holes where the handles were before aren’t big enough to fit your twine, go through and widen the holes using a drill and wood bit.

  1. Replace the bottom row of drawers with the decorative baskets

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I know it's a long shot, but I'm taking a chance, any idea what color the dresser was painted? Or maybe some colors that come close?

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