Refurbished Chairs and Pews

Refurbished Chairs and Pews

Refurbish existing furniture with Kim Myles’ instructions.

5 col

Give wooden furniture in your home new life with a fresh coat of paint.

1 church pew (6 feet or longer)
Existing wooden dining chairs
220-grit sandpaper
White interior high-gloss latex paint
Paint roller
Paint pan
Wood glue (if needed)
Old, dry cloth


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  1. To begin refurbishing, gently sand the church pew and wooden dining room chairs, using the 220-grit sandpaper. You want to remove any existing varnish or finish
  2. Using the dry cloth, dust away the sawdust that was created during the sanding process
  3. Any minor repairs should be made using wood glue then allow time for the glue to dry completely before proceeding
  4. Paint the chairs and pew using the paint roller, paintbrush and latex paint. Allow the first coat time to dry completely. Follow with a second coat and allow time for this coat too dry completely as well
  5. We chose to leave the existing dining table unpainted for a nice contrast against the crisp, white seating

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