Repurposed Door Screen

Repurposed Door Screen

This project uses doors to make a creative and beautiful divider.

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Difficulty: Intermediate

(4) wood doors (ours are pre-painted white)
80-grit sanding block
220-grit sand paper
Palm sander
Tape measure
1½" self-tapping screws
Safety glasses
Safety masks

1. Begin distressing the doors using the palm sander, sandpaper, sanding block and file. Flip over the doors and repeat on the other side. Do this for all doors

Designer Tip: For the best effect, use the files to distress the edges of the door and around the door handle where a door would really show wear and tear.

2. Once the doors are distressed begin assembling them. Measure for placement of the hinges: 12" from each edge, and one in the very center

3. Stack the doors together, making sure they are on the most even surface as possible, and then attach the doors using hinges, the drill and self-tapping screws

Designer Tip: When attaching hinges, be sure the round side is facing up.

4. Repeat step 3 to connect two more doors. Stand the assembled doors side by side so they are level and attach all four doors with hinges. Measure to make sure the hinges are evenly spaced, 12" from the top and bottom, and one in the center

5. For added design and personal touch, decorate the doors with hanging plants and small planters

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