Repurposed Game Table

Repurposed Game Table

Use these easy instructions to make an old game table into a fun new coffee table.

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This project repurposes a kids’ convertible multi-game table and turns it into a coffee table with a little paint and trimming of the legs.

Old multi-game kids’ table (shuffleboard, pool table, etc.)
Tape measure
Sandpaper 150-grit
Semigloss paint with primer
Allen wrench
Painter’s tape


Trim Legs:

  1. Find an old multi-game kids’ table at a garage sale
  2. Measure and mark 20 inches down on the legs from the tabletop to trim the height of the kids’ table to a coffee table height
  3. Use Allen wrench to remove the legs from the table. Save the hardware for re-install
  4. To trim the table down to 20-inches high, use a handsaw to cut the legs on your marks
  5. Sand the ends of the legs you just cut using 150-grit sandpaper
  6. Reattach the new 20-inch legs of the table using an Allen wrench and saved hardware

Paint the Table:


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  1. Use painter’s tape along top edge of table where the wood ends and felt for pool table game begins

  1. Paint over wood edges using paint with primer and paintbrush
  2. Allow paint to dry
  3. Add air hockey topper to table to create flat surface on top. You can also use a piece of plywood on top with your favorite board game glued on

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