7-step DIY Mason Jar Photo Shelf

7-step DIY Mason Jar Photo Shelf

Preserve memories in an adorable mason jar shelf with our experts’ easy instructions.

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Use reclaimed wood and extra mason jars for a charming, rustic take on displaying framed photos.

4 mason jars (with lids; per shelf)
Black and white copies of family photos
Reclaimed 2-by-8-by-19-inch lumber
Truss head, self-drilling sheet metal screws
Impact driver drill
2-inch drywall screws
3-inch mending plate with screws (2 per shelf)


  1. Have reclaimed wood cut to desired sized at time of purchase
  2. Lay wood onto a workstation and create four equal sized sections using pencil and ruler
  3. Install one jar top into center of each section line you drew
  4. Drive truss head screws directly through the bottom of the jar tops with impact driver drill
  5. Place plates about 1 1⁄2-inch from each end of wood
  6. Using the impact driver drill install plates to back edge of shelf with self-drilling screws
  7. Use the stud finder to locate the studs in the wall and drive the screws into the studs. In spots where there are no studs, use wall anchors
  8. Mount each display shelf to the wall by driving the 2-inch drywall screws through the open top and bottom holes of the already installed mending plates, into the wall
  9. Copy or print out the family photos you’d like to use

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Tip: Landscape-oriented (horizontal) photos work better than portrait-oriented (vertical) photos because you may need to trim portrait photos to fit in the jars.

  1. Insert the photos individually into each jar and then tighten the jar onto the secured lids on the shelf.

Tip: Change out photos with the changing seasons or new memories for a shelf that truly shows off your family!

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