Repurposed Tile Art

Repurposed Tile Art

Make a colorful statement piece using ceramic tiles and a repurposed section of a dance stage.

5 col

Difficulty: Easy

Large section of wooden dance stage, pre-cut to be canvas of art
(23) Decorative ceramic tiles
(41) Pre-cut pieces from wooden dance stage
Wood glue
Safety goggles
Nail gun
Tile adhesive
(3) Notched tile trowels


1. Locate the section of the stage to be used for the art piece, and use a T-square to draw an 18" × 32" rectangle

2. Place and arrange tiles and wood pieces (five down, eight across) in different dimensions in pattern and layout desired. Stack a few to achieve a 3-D effect. Create different layers and dimensions, getting creative with your placement. Lay the decorative tiles on top of the wood pieces


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3. Next, glue the wood pieces together, and secure all four corners with the nail gun

4. Lastly, apply tile adhesive with the notched tile trowel to the back of all tile pieces and stick on the wood pieces within your design

Expert Tip: Take a picture of your design before applying the glue. This helps you remember the placement of the tiles and wood pieces

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