Ribbon-Framed Diplomas

Ribbon-Framed Diplomas

Use designer Kim Myles’ instructions for framing a diploma with on-hand materials.

5 col

Picture Frame
Stiff cardstock to fit frame – Cream color
Assortment of ribbons
Sewing pins
Craft knife
Hot glue gun
Glue sticks
Spray adhesive
Dry cleaning cloth


  1. Purchase a frame from a local frame shop that is at least 3 inches larger on all sides than the diploma to be framed
  2. In a well-ventilated area, sparingly apply spray glue to the back of the diploma and center it on the cardstock
  3. With a ruler, measure the long and short side of the diploma
  4. Choose a ribbon and cut 2 strips that are 3 inches longer than the long side and 2 strips that are 3 inches longer than the short side
  5. Lay down the 4 pieces of ribbon around the diploma so they overlap at the corners

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Tip: Try to line the ribbon up so it runs parallel with the edges of the diploma for a cleaner look. Use a ruler as a guide for spacing if needed.

  1. Use sewing pins to anchor the ribbons in place to prepare for gluing. Carefully lift up the edge of the first ribbon and apply a thin line of hot glue under it. Then press the ribbon down and in place. Wipe up any excess glue with a dry cleaning cloth
  2. Repeat Step 6 for each ribbon
  3. Once the ribbons are securely glued, remove all sewing pins
  4. Additional ribbons can be added around the diploma by repeating steps 4 through 10. When repeating Step 4, be sure to cut the second set of ribbons longer than the first set so they can be attached to the cardstock with space between. See diagram below:

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