Ripple Fold Curtain

Ripple Fold Curtain

Use Designer Nicole Gibbons’ instructions to make this chic ripple fold curtain.

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Create a perfectly rippled curtain by using snap tape and an accordion fold curtain track.

(2) Curtains 57-by-98 inch
Fabric glue
Accordion fold snap tape
66-inch accordion fold curtain track
Snap tape carriers – 2-5/8-inch apart for curtains
(4) Metal curtain track stopper

It is important to know how to snap in your curtain before you start this project. Your curtain will be snapped in making an “S” pattern along the track. The snap rounds should always be facing another snap round. Refer to this tip later in the project as needed

  1. With the fabric glue, adhere the back of your accordion fold snap tape along the top, backside edge of both curtains. Cut off excess tape at the ends
  2. Count the number of snaps on the back of your snap tape on the curtains (we had 28 total; 14 per curtain). With your string of snap tape carriers, cut them to make 2 strings with 14 snap rounds each.


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  1. Slide the snap rounds one at a time into the 66-inch accordion fold track
  2. On each end of the track, secure a metal curtain track stopper on the very end and on the inside of the first snap round

  1. Fasten the track to the ceiling using the built-in holes on the track, a drill, and 1/2-inch screws in each hole. Be sure to line your track up parallel to or directly above the closet opening, and slightly overhanging each end
  2. Snap in the curtains to the snap rounds using the picture at beginning of the steps as a guide. You should end up with perfectly spaced ripples

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