“Roll with It” Game Table and Ottoman

Create more space and seating for game night with this streamlined table and ottoman project.

5 col

Difficulty: Intermediate

90”x 24” solid wood core door precut into 3 pieces [(2) 15”x24” and (1) 60”x 24”]
Drill with 3/8” drill bit
(6) 3/8” dowels
Wood glue
(4) Casters
Wood stain


Building the Table:

  1. Measure and mark for 3 dowels on the short ends of the smaller door pieces, 1 inch from each edge and center
  1. Select which side of the larger door piece will be the tabletop. Flip it upside down, measure and mark for 3 dowels on the bottom surface 1 inch from each edge and center. Ensure placement matches where the top and the side legs will be joined

  1. Pre-drill dowel holes with a 3/8-inch drill bit, and insert the dowels on the tabletop

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  1. Add wood glue to the dowel holes of one of the smaller door pieces, and fit the legs over the tabletop dowels. Repeat on the other end (these will be the sides of the table)

Preparing the Ottoman:

  1. Turn the ottoman upside down, remove the existing legs from the bottom and install the casters. This helps lower the ottoman height

  1. Set the ottoman aside and prepare to stain the wood table. USE GLOVES! This helps prevent the stain from absorbing into your skin
  1. Use paper towel to apply layers of the stain. Apply the stain evenly by wiping with the grain of the wood – don’t wipe in arcs or a circular motion. You can always go back and even out

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