Rolling Pin Apron Rack

This project creates a unique apron rack for your kitchen.

5 col


(2) Rolling pins
Triangular protractor
(2) Clamps
(2) 2x4 pieces of pre-cut wood (to support rolling pins when cutting)
(2) Safety goggles
(2) Heavy duty gloves
Wood board pre-cut (24” long)
Wood glue
Nail gun
Spring Green paint
(2) Paint brushes


1. Use the protractor to measure out a 45-degree angle on the rolling pins and mark with a pencil

2. Place one rolling pin, center on the rack, and hold down with the clamps. Use the (2) 2x4’s as a support

3. Put on the heavy-duty gloves and goggles and use the handsaw to cut along the drawn angle. Cut until you hit the metal inside the rolling pin (you can tell you’ve hit the metal when you hear a grinding sound)


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4. Once you hit the metal, switch to the hacksaw and continue to cut until you are through the metal. Once you have cut through the metal, switch back to the handsaw until the marked out piece is completely cut off

5. Repeat steps 1-4 until you have three cut rolling pin halves

6. Apply wood glue to the back of all three rolling pin halves and apply to the 24” piece of pre-cut wood, starting in the middle and working your way out

7. Take the nail gun, have one person hold the rolling pins in place while another person secures the pins from the back of the board with 3 nails in the back of each rolling pin

8. Use the paint brushes to apply the Spring Green paint to the handles of all three rolling pins

9. Use the stud finder to locate the most secure attachment point the wall, and screw in using a drill and #6 flat screws

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