Rope Room Divider

Rope Room Divider

This project creates a simple yet stylish way to separate different areas in one room.

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Difficulty: Easy

(2) 2" × 4" whitewashed pine boards – 36"
(2) 2" × 4" whitewashed pine boards – 72"
(26) U-conduit straps
Self-tapping screws
Wood screws
Gate hinge
(8) L-mending plates
Sisal rope
Castor with lock
Countersink bit
Tape measure


1. Evenly place the U-conduit straps on each of the 36" pine boards. Use a tape measure to space 13 conduit straps 2½" apart, and mark where the holes will be. This will make it easier to drill them in place

Designer Tip: You can place any number of U-conduit straps on your boards. The more straps you place, the more intricate your weaving pattern will be

2. Secure the U-conduit straps in place on both of the 36" pine boards using the drill and self-tapping screws

3. Create a 36" × 72" frame by placing the 36" pine boards inside the 72" boards

4. Secure the frame using a drill and wood screws. Drill in each screw about ½" from the edge of each corner of the 72" boards. The sides with the U-conduit straps will serve as the top and bottom of the frame

5. Use a pencil to mark the holes for the L-mending plates in each corner. Predrill holes using the drill and countersink bit, and then secure four L-mending plates with a drill and wood screws. Flip over the frame and repeat on the opposite side. Every corner of the frame should be secured with an L- mending plate so it does not collapse

6. Add the gate hinges to one long side of the frame. Mark where the first gate hinge will be placed. Secure it to the frame using the drill and self-tapping screws

7. Measure 12" in each direction from the center hinge. This is where the remaining two hinges will be attached. Add the gate hinges to the frame using the drill and self-tapping screws
8. Starting from the top corner U-conduit strap, tie a slipknot in the sisal rope on the U-conduit strap, and weave the rope up and down through each U-conduit strap until the frame is filled. Trim excess rope, and knot the end

9. Add the castor to the bottom of frame about ½" from the edge on the opposite side of the gate hinges. This will help the room divider move

10. Find the wall stud (usually at the very edge), and beginning with the lowest hinge, secure the frame to the wall using the drill and wood screws

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