Rope Storage Basket

Create chic, ombre-colored storage options using metal wastebaskets and jute rope.

5 col

Difficulty: Easy

Mesh wastebaskets in two sizes
Glue gun
Jute rope in thin and medium thicknesses
Spray paint in copper and gold
Bulldog clips
Glue sticks
Tin snips
Face mask
Box cutter


1. Flip the larger mesh wastebasket upside down

2. Add glue to the bottom of the basket perimeter, and adhere the end of the thicker jute rope to the glue

3. Continue to glue and wrap the rope around entire basket

4. Once the wastebasket is fully covered in rope, flip it right side up and use a bulldog clamp to hold the end of the rope in place. Trim the excess rope

5. Add a dab of hot glue and secure the end of the rope to the wastebasket

6. Put on the safety mask, flip the basket over again and spray paint the bottom of the basket with gold paint to create an ombre effect. In order to create the ombre effect, spray the bottom of the basket with a heavier coat of spray paint to make it darker, and lighten the paint application as you get to the top

7. Allow to dry for 2 hours

8. Repeat steps 1 through 7 with the smaller wastebasket, thinner jute rope and copper spray paint

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