Rope Wall Art

Rope Wall Art

This simple Macramé piece uses clove hitch knots and brass pipe to create sophisticated wall art.

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Difficulty: Intermediate

24" dowel
(15) 8" pieces of brass pipe
5" × 10" piece of cardboard
(15) Macramé cords, cut to 40"
Craft twine
Small, thin rubber bands
Painter’s tape


1. To make the tassel, wrap the twine 30 times around the long side of the 5" × 10" piece of cardboard, as shown

2. Cut the twine with scissors

3. With a new piece of twine, loop under the twine bundle in the middle, and then tie it off with a basic knot

4. Hold the middle knot you just made, and shimmy the tassel off the cardboard insert

5. Lay one 40" piece of Macramé cord parallel to the twine middle knot, as shown

6. Wrap a thin rubber band around the Macramé cord and the twine, creating the head of the tassel. Make sure the rubber band is wrapped tightly around the head – it might take a few loops depending on how big the rubber bands are

7. Hold the newly made tassel head by the Macramé cord in the middle of the twine, and then flip the twine bundle upside down

8. Once it has been flipped upside down, the tassel head should be hidden

9. Insert the available end of the 40" Macramé cord into one 8" piece of brass pipe, and pull through the other end of the pipe. Continue to slide the piping until it touches the tassel end. They should look like little mops

10. Notice that the tassel twine is still a closed loop. Use the scissors to cut the loop at the bottom, in the middle. Trim any uneven pieces

11. Repeat steps 1 through 10 to make 15 tassels

12. Decide on how you want the Macramé cords to hang off the 24" dowel. For our project, the designer chose a chevron design. Tape your desired design in painter’s tape on a flat surface, and adjust the 24" dowel accordingly, depending on how long you want the Macramé to hang

13. Start placing the Macramé cords along the dowel, spacing them about 1½" apart. Line the top of the brass pipes to the bottom of the painter’s tape. Since there are 15 cords, make sure you place one as the center point and seven on each side

14. Once the cords are placed as desired, secure the open cords to the dowel using clove hitch knots

How to Tie a Clove Hitch Knot 

1. Pick up the open end of the Macramé cord (marked yellow), and loosely wrap it around the dowel. Continue to hold the cord (marked blue) with your thumb and index finger

2. Cross the yellow end over the blue side

3. Loop the yellow end under and around the dowel (marked purple)

4. Slip the purple open end under the yellow cord

5. Pull the knot tight. Make sure all the cords are knotted tightly so they won’t slip off, and then cut the excess cord

Note: You can also search the Internet for more tips and examples of clove hitch knots.





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