Runner Area Rug

Runner Area Rug

Turn six runner rugs into one large area rug using designer Kim Myles’ instructions.

5 col

6 runner rugs – 2’7” by 4’11”
Yarn (choose a color that goes well with your room and runners)
Painter’s tape
Threading needle


  1. Lay out your 6 rugs on a large workspace — 3 across and 2 deep

  1. In the first row of three, turn over one of the outside rugs onto the middle rug so that the top rug has its underside facing up and all edges are aligned
  2. Take the end of your yarn and wrap a small piece of tape around it. This will make it easer to thread the needle
  3. Cut a piece of your yarn to 8 feet and tie a knot at the other end. Thread the yarn through the eye of the needle and remove the tape
  4. Double check that your rugs’ edges are lined up and start sewing them together using a whip stitch. You want to keep about an inch between each stitch

Tip: To whip stitch, thread your needle away from you through both layers of rug. Bring the needle back toward you over the top of the rug — in a loop motion. 1” from the your last stitich once again thread your needle away from you through both rugs

  1. Now that two rugs are sewn together, lay them out flat. Take the remaining rug in that row and flip it onto the middle rug so that the bottom is facing up (just like you did in Step 2)


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  1. Whip stitch the long sides together just like you did in Step 5
  2. Now that your three rugs are sewn together, repeat these steps on the remaining three rugs so that you will have 2 separate rugs consisting of 3 runners
  3. Flip over one of your new rugs onto the other rug so that the bottom of the top rug is facing up

  1. Connect the two large rugs together using a whip stitch on the short sides of the runners until the rug is completely sewn together

  1. Tie off the end of your yarn using a locking stitch to prevent your stitching from coming unraveled. Pull the threaded needle back through the rug right next to where your pervious whip stich came out. Then thread your needle back through your final stitch and down through the hem to your third stitch from the end — do not thread completely through the rug. Then loop your thread out of the third stitch and back to the second stitch from the end. Again, thread your needle through the hem two more stitches down. Repeat until you run out of thread to lock it in

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