Rustic Wood Wall

Rustic Wood Wall

Give your wall a rustic barn look using pinewood and wood stain.

5 col

Note: This is made for a 13’x8’ wall.
Difficulty : Medium

1”x4” Pinewood, ideally 10’ long (length varies depending on size of wall)
Walnut stain
Paint roller
Paint tray
Liquid Nail
Cock Gun
Hammer (or nail gun)
Sand Paper


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  1. Measure wall, and calculate the amount of wood necessary to cover wall
  2. Cut wood according to wall measurements
  3. Using the Wood stain, paint wood. Let dry for 2 hours
  4. Sand down some parts of the wood to make the pieces different from each other and make the wood grain visible. This step gives the wood a more authentic barn wood look
  5. Using a stud finder, find wall studs and mark them along the wall
  6. Measure, level and chalk your first row
  7. Add liquid nail to back of a piece of wood, place wood on wall and nail to the wall stud (using hammer and nail, or nail gun)
  8. Repeat until installation is complete

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