Sconce Door Mirror

Sconce Door Mirror

Repurpose a used door and transform it into a standing mirror with sconces.

5 col

Difficulty: Easy

Used door
(2) Brass light sconces
Construction adhesive glue
Drill with a 1” Forstner bit
(4) 2” wood screws


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  1. Place the sconces on the door and trace around them with a pencil
  2. Using a chisel, remove the raised part of the molding where the sconces overlap it in order for the sconces to fit flat on the door
  3. Using a 1” Forstner bit, drill a hole in the center of the penciled circles from step 1. This will serve to feed the wires
  4. Feed the wire through the holes and secure the sconces in place with a screw gun and 2” wood screws
  5. Apply construction adhesive to the door where the mirror is going to be placed
  6. Place mirror on top of adhesive. Let dry for 12 hours face up (follow manufacturer’s instructions for drying time)
  7. Screw in light bulbs
  8. Contact an electrician to connect the wires to a plug
  9. Place door in desired place and plug in to an outlet

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