Seagrass Wall Treatment

Seagrass Wall Treatment

Decorate walls with a touch of seagrass using designer Kim Myles’ simple instructions.

5 col

1/2-inch painters tape
(6) 14” by 62 1/2” Bamboo runners
Staple gun
Pre-painted 3/4-inch trim – (6) 28 1/2-inch pieces, (6) 62 1/2-inch pieces


  1. Using the tape, mask out three vertical rectangles measuring 62 1/2” by 28 1/2” leaving 10 1/2 inches between each rectangle. Use a level as you tape your rectangles to ensure that your rectangles are straight


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  1. Staple two bamboo strips side-by-side within the taped areas of the rectangles. Start with four staples in the top of each bamboo strip. Add five staples down the outside (closest to the tape). Avoid stapling into the tape as the tape will be removed in the next step. Add two staples in the middle, joining the two bamboo strips together. Add two staples to the bottom edge of the bamboo

  1. Remove painter’s tape once your bamboo rectangles are secured
  2. Starting at the top of your bamboo rectangles, nail in a 28 1/2-inch piece of pre-painted trim, slightly overlapping the bamboo so that no wall is exposed. Drive one nail into each corner and one more in the middle of the trim
  3. Nail in the 62 1/2-inch trim pieces down the sides of the bamboo rectangles. Use four nails; one on each corner and two in the middle per piece
  4. Add the bottom 28 1/2-inch trim piece. Hammer in one nail in each corner and one in the middle for a total of three nails in the bottom trim piece
  5. Trim any excess bamboo using a craft knife that might be poking behind the trim pieces

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