Secret Closet Door

Secret Closet Door

This project creates a small spinning closet door so it utilizes the most space.

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Difficulty: Difficult

(2) ¾" 20" × 52" particleboard (sides)
(2) ¾" × 18 ¼" × 20" particleboard (top & bottom)
¾" × 18 ¼" × 50 ½" particleboard (interior divider)
(8) ¾" × 9 ½" × 18 ¼" particleboard (shelves)
(2) 1" × 9" × 9" particleboard (used for spacers)
(2) 1" × 3" × 20" pre-painted pine (bottom trim)
(2) 1" × 2" × 20" pre-painted pine (top trim)
(4) 1" × 2" × 50" pre-painted pine (side trim)
(8) 1" × 2" × 18 ¼" pre-painted pine (shelf trim)
Drill driver
Phillips screwdriver drill bit
Belt sander
(4) 2" casters
Wood glue
Wood filler/putty
Pneumatic nail gun
18ga finish nails
Squeeze clamp
Paint (your desired color)
Paint roller & brushes
Paint tray


1. Create the body of the box. Start by wood gluing the side pieces to the top and bottom pieces. Apply a strip of wood glue to the 20" side of the top/bottom particleboards (¾" × 18 ¼" × 20") and attach it to the 20" side of the side particleboards (¾" × 20" × 52")

2. Take the pneumatic nail gun and insert 18ga-finishing nails along the connecting sides. The nails can be 1"–2" apart

3. Place the first set of shelves into the box. First, line up (1) 1" × 9" × 9" spacer board in the top left corner of your sideboard

4. Then place your second spacer board directly above the first; use a squeeze clamp to keep it in place

Note: Use the spacer to have even spaces between each shelf

5. Insert the shelf against the spacers

6. Use the pencil to trace a line where the shelf board rests against the spacers

7. Remove the shelf board and apply a thin line of wood glue next to the space. This is where you’ll attach your first shelf, so make sure that the glue doesn’t proceed over the pencil line

8. Apply a small amount of wood glue on the 9 ½" sides of the ¾" × 9 ½" × 18 ¼" shelf board

9. Insert the shelf into the box

10. To guarantee the shelf stays in place, insert finishing nails where the shelf meets the sideboards of the box. Nails can be 1"–2"apart

11. Your first shelf is complete! Now move the spacers down to the other side of your new shelf, as shown

12. Repeat steps 5–10 to complete the next shelf and continue this process until you have installed a total of (4) shelves

13. Flip the box so the open side is facing up. Make sure you flip it so the side with shelves is toward the bottom

14. Take the ¾" × 18 ¼" × 50 ½" interior board and drop it into the box

Note: You don’t need to nail or glue the interior board because the shelves will sandwich it

15. Now, repeat steps 3–12 so you have (4) shelves on this side

Note: If you want larger shelf space, you don’t have to put in all (4): you can install only (2) or (3) if you’d like, depending on what you plan to place on the shelf

16. Trim time! Now that the box and shelves are installed, we can hide those rough edges by attaching pre-painted trim to them. Let’s do the side trim first. Apply a light coat of wood glue on the long sides of the box, then attach the 1" × 2" × 50" side trim and make sure the ends are flush

17. Insert 18ga finish nails 1"–2" apart along the trim so the nails insert into the box to make sure it’s secure

18. Add wood glue to the bottom end, and then attach the 1" × 3" × 20" bottom trim and secure with finishing nails; repeat with the 1" × 2" × 20" top trim

19. Continue this process with the 1" × 2" × 18 ¼" shelf trim

20. Flip the box to the other side that doesn’t have trim and repeat steps

16-19 so both sides have trim

21. All the trim is attached; take the wood putty and apply with fingertips on the gaps and dents such as any holes the pneumatic nail gun might have left behind

22. Let putty dry for 10 minutes and then use the belt sander to sand any rough edges away

23. On the bottom of the box, use the drill driver to screw in the (4) 2" casters in each corner

24. Then, with the help of a buddy, pick up the box and set on the ground to make sure your casters spin; this will also make it easier to paint the box

25. Pour paint in paint tray and with the rollers and brushes, paint your box and shelves the desired color. Paint 2 coats and let dry for a day before use

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