Sectional Side Table

Sectional Side Table

Carpenter David Leon gives you the instructions for making this unique side table.

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Create a custom side table that attaches to the open side of a separated sectional couch using the existing clips.

Sectional couch
35-inch pine wood tabletop cut in half
Pine wood 35 12” x 18”
Wooden table leg with top-plate
(4) 2-inch screws
(7) 1-inch screws
(7) 1/2-inch hex head screws
(2) Standard shelf brackets
(2) Sectional clips
Drill with Phillips head bit, forstner bit, 1/2-inch hex head bit, 1/16-inch twist bit
Wood putty
Interior semi-gloss paint


  1. Measure the distance between the existing sectional clips on your sectional couch
  2. Take your 35 1/2” x 18” piece of wood and mark that same distance near the top of the 35 1/2” side
  3. Attach your sectional clips (not the ones attached to your couch) at the points you marked using your 1/2-inch hex head screws and your drill. Allow your clips to slightly hang over the edge of the wood. These clips will allow you to easily attach and detach your side table to your sectional couch

  1. To ensure that you don’t split the tabletop, predrill guide holes on your 35-inch tabletop half with the drill and the 1/16 twist bit. Make your guide holes 1/4-inch from the straight side of the table — 2 guide holes should be 2-inch in from either side, and the next 2 should be 6 inches in from those holes


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  1. To attach your 35-inch tabletop half to the side table, flip your 35 1/2-inch piece over so that the sectional clips are face down. Take your standard shelf brackets and line them up on the opposite end of the sectional clips. Stand up your tabletop half so that it is up against the edge of the pine wood and flush against with your shelf bracket

  1. Screw in your first bracket using your 1-inch screws. First place a screw through the bracket into the tabletop half, and then add another screw through the bracket into your 35 1/2-inch pine wood piece. Repeat this with your second bracket. This step is easiest with the help of a friend
  2. For added stability, drive 2-inch screws through each predrilled hole in the tabletop and into the end of the 35 1/2-inch piece

  1. Now that your table is sturdy you will want to temporarily clip it into your sectional couch. Make a measurement from the floor to the bottom of the table. This will be the length of the wooden leg
  2. Using a handsaw, cut your leg to the appropriate length according to your measurement from step 8
  3. Next, attach the leg to the tabletop. The best placement for the leg is at the apex of the tabletop with the top plate as close to the edge as possible. Use your remaining hex head screws through the top plate to attach the leg to the tabletop

  1. Lastly fill any holes with wood putty. Allow to dry and then paint with interior semi-gloss the color of your choosing and a paintbrush
  2. Clip your new side table into the existing sectional clips on the couch and rest the leg on the floor

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