Serving Tray Shadow Boxes

Serving Tray Shadow Boxes

Create an eye-catching, colorful display for artistic masks.

Difficulty: Easy

Tribal fabric in at least 4 to 5 different prints
Spray adhesive
Glue gun
Glue sticks
Tribal trims (rope, studs, trims)
Small hooks to attach masks to inside of box
Serving trays
Wall hanging kit


1. Create templates by tracing the inside of the trays onto a piece of cardboard, and cut them out

2. Place the first fabric face down on a flat surface, and use a permanent marker to trace the template onto the fabric. Cut out the shape with scissors

3. Spray the bottom of the tray with spray adhesive, and press the fabric firmly in place, removing any visible bubbles

4. Cut tribal trim to fit the inside of the tray and apply it with a glue gun

5. Decide how the mask will hang inside the tray, and hammer a stud in place. Hang the mask on the stud

6. Attach the wall hanger “teeth” to the back of the tray with a hammer

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