Shutter Wall Coverings

Shutter Wall Coverings

Use these simple instructions to make a rustic shutter wall covering and add some charm to any space.

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This project transforms shutter doors into wall decor that easily holds photo frames.

Old shutter doors
150-grit sandpaper
Picture frames
Tape measure
Safety glasses
Circular sander (can be rented from local hardware store)
1 1/2-inch S-hooks
(1-3) Two-by-four wood measured to the width of each set of shutters you want to hang
3-inch wood screws


Shutter Prep:

  1. Measure wall area height and width where you intend to hang shutters. Take note of any obstructions like a window that you will need to place the shutters around
  2. To plan your layout of shutters on the wall, tape off the measured dimensions on floor — making sure to mark obstructions to see where you need to cover with shutters. Lay shutters down over tape to see how you will arrange to cover the wall
  3. Sand the shutters using sander and safety goggles for an aged effect. Do not sand entire shutter, just random spots to show “age”

Tip: Rotate sander to sand at an angle for authentic looking age spots.

Shutter Installation:

  1. Figure out the height you want to hang the shutters using a tape measure. Mark on wall with pencil where you intend to hang the shutters
  2. Find studs on wall using stud finder. You will use this stud to hang the two-by-four that will act as brace for hanging shutters. Using a level, install the two-by-four by screwing in 3-inch screws through the two-by-four into the studs on the wall with drill. Use one two-by-four per set of shutters no more than 8 feet wide
  3. To hang shutters, have a friend hold the shutter at desired location over the two-by-four. Use a level and drive screws through the shutter and into two-by-four with drill


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  1. Repeat steps 4-6 to hang all shutters

Hang Photo Frames:

  1. Use S-hooks to hang frames on shutters. Push one end of S-hook through the frame’s hook on back

  1. Hang other end of S-hook on shutter

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