Silk Screen Dining Chairs

Silk Screen Dining Chairs

This easy project adds silkscreen designs on the back of four upholstered chairs.

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Difficulty: Easy

(4) Upholstered chairs
12” Embroidery hoop
Silhouette design of your choice printed on paper
Fabric paint – color of your choice
Polyester silk sheeting
Decoupage glue
Rubber hand roller
Hard rubber squeegee
Small and medium artist’s paintbrushes



1. Loosen the embroidery hoop into the inner and outer rings. Place the polyester silk sheeting over the inner hoop and the outer hoop over the top. Tighten the outer hoop to secure the polyester silk sheeting taut between the two hoops (See image below)

2. Place the hoop over the silhouette design of your choice so the silk is flat against it. Carefully trace the design onto the silk with a pencil (See image below)

3. Pour the decoupage glue into a bowl. Carefully paint around the pencil silhouette on the silk ensuring you fill in any detailed areas. Any area that is not covered with glue will be part of the image once it’s transferred to the chair (See images below)


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4. Center the embroidery hoop over the back of the chair, positioning the design to your liking. Press either side of the hoop firmly to the upholstery so it contours to the shape of the chair and the silk is flat against it

5. Have a second person add a grape-size blob of fabric paint to the top of the silk, not directly over the design (See image below)

6. Use a hard rubber squeegee to scrape the paint down, over the design. Make sure the whole design is covered with the paint. This may take multiple scrapes. If you need more paint for complete coverage, add more paint at the top and scrape it down over the design (See image below)

7. Carefully lift the embroidery hoop away from the chair back making sure not to shift it over the upholstery. If it shifts it can cause the image to smudge (See images below)

8. Wash the silk screen thoroughly with warm water and soap to remove all the paint and allow to dry for 1 to 2 hours before repeating the process on the next chair. You can speed up the drying process using a hairdryer on a cool setting. Cleaning the silk between uses will stop the paint clogging the fabric and give you a clean, solid design each time

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