Sofa Snack Tray

David Leon shows you how to make a useful snack tray for your sofa.

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((DAVID LEON)) Candace,  you work so hard. I really just wanna envision you sitting down and relaxing. Kim came up with an amazing design. It’s a sofa snack tray. It sets over top of the arm of your sofa.

((CANDACE)) I think that would be awesome.

((DAVID)) These pieces of pine that I had pre-cut and pre-stained, we’re gonna drill down through the top piece and into the side pieces. We’re gonna add a little bit wood glue. Now, the reason why you add wood glue is that it makes it a firmer bond. We’re gonna put this in place here. These screws are gonna go through the top piece and into the side pieces.

Go ahead. You got it. You got it. Perfect! Perfect! And keep it going. Mmm hmm.

((CANDACE)) Okay, I really need one of these now, it’s so exciting.

((DAVID)) Yeah! See? We’re gonna go ‘head and do the leather now. Envision this piece here, okay. So now, this is going to be the front. So now, to have it set up like a pocket, we wanna make sure that the top of  the leather is a little bit billowed out. You wanna be able to put your remote and other stuff in it. I’m gonna take out an inch and a half. Gonna add these decorative tacks, and we’re gonna go all the way around. You can use your pencil. Give her a start, and then push her down.


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((CANDACE)) Okay. It’s looking really good!

((DAVID)) Remember how we cut this on an angle?

((CANDANCE)) Right.

((DAVID)) Now, what we wanna do is take that angle and bring it right in to the edge of the wood. Voila!

All we have to do is go ahead and attach it to this guy. Nice. Good. Alright! So, this came out really cool, man! We really nailed it.

((CANDACE)) Yeah.

((DAVID)) Duh, dum, dum!

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