Spoon Lamp

Create a beautiful lamp with floral-inspired tiers made from an unlikely material: plastic spoons!

5 col

Difficulty: Easy

Lamp base
Small plastic spoons
Large plastic spoons
Canned good or drinking glass
High-temp glue gun and glue sticks
Safety masks
Gold spray paint

1. Separate spoons according to size. Cut off the spoon bases, leaving 1½" stems on the large spoons and slightly longer stems on the smaller spoons. The varying stem lengths will help with shaping the floral tiers

2. Create a base by tracing a canned good or drinking glass on a piece of cardboard with a marker. Create four circles, and cut them out with scissors

Spoon Lamp Base

3. Use the marker to draw a star in the center of the cardboard base. Draw a straight line from the star to the edge

4. Use scissors to cut along the straight line and star, creating slits in each cardboard base. This will allow the cardboard to slide onto the lamp post

slits in cardboard

5. With the inside of the spoon facing up, add hot glue to the stem of a small spoon and attach it to the bottom of the base. The insides of the spoons should be seen around the perimeter of the cardboard. Continue until the base’s outside perimeter is filled in with spoons

Note: Be sure to leave space at the slit so the base can slide onto the lamp

spoon lamp base with spoons

6. Now add glue to the top of the cardboard base, and attach another row of spoons

spoon lamp base with glued spoons

7. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for the remaining three bases. Create a larger base with more spoons for the lowest floral tier, and reduce the number of spoons you use for each subsequent tier

8. Slide the cardboard bases onto the lamp base through the slit created in step 3, and adjust to the desired position

spoon lamp insert

spoons attached to lamp

9. Once all the bases are in place, add a generous amount of hot glue where the lamp base meets the first cardboard base. Fill in the gaps with additional rows of small spoons until the base is completely covered.

Note:  Some of the spoon stems may need to be trimmed as the rows get closer to the lamp base

spoons attached to lamp base

close up of spoons

10. Repeat step 9 for the remaining bases

11. Remove the lampshade, put on a safety mask and spray paint the entire lamp gold. Be sure to paint all surfaces, including underneath the spoons

spray painting spoon lamp

top view of gold spoon lamp

bottom view of gold spoon lamp

12. Allow to dry for 2 hours, and reattach the lampshade

Note: The size of the spoons you use depends on the size of the lamp. There is no right or wrong way to do this. Feel free to mix and match varying spoon sizes. For example, use the large spoons on the lower bases of the lamp and the smaller spoons on some of the higher bases, or use large spoons on the outside rows and small spoons on the inside rows. The design is up to you!

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