Stacked Wood Console

Stacked Wood Console

No more cluttered electronics – this sturdy, stylish console provides a home for all of them.

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Difficulty: Intermediate

(5) ¾" × 24" × 6' pre-cut plywood
Wood glue
Safety goggles
(2) 18-gauge nail guns with 1½" brad nails
(3) Stacks of (13) 1" × 3" long pre-cut wood posts
(2) Stacks of (4) 1" × 3" long pre-cut wood (for legs base)
(4) Couch legs
Paint in color of your choice
(4) Paint brushes


1. Glue two of the ¾" × 24" × 6' plywood pieces together with wood glue by generously applying the glue to the top of one piece of plywood and sandwiching both pieces

2. Use the nail gun to nail along the perimeter of the top of the plywood piece every 12"

3. Next, to create the sides of the unit, you will need to stack 13 of the 1" × 3" pre-cut wood posts. Glue two wood blocks together, and then secure them with a nail in each corner and two in the center. Continue adding one wood post until you have two stacks of 13 on each side of the table

4. Attach the stacked wood posts to the ends of the table with wood glue

5. Repeat step 3 to create another stacked wood post, and secure it to the center of the table with wood glue. In this case the table is 6' and center is 3'


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6. Secure the three stacked wood posts from underneath with a nail gun and brad nails in the ends, middle and edges of each post

7. Next, apply wood glue to the top of the stacked wood posts, and place one ¾" × 24" × 6' piece of plywood on top. Add glue across the top of the plywood as in step 1, and sandwich the second ¾" × 24" × 6' piece of plywood on top

8. Use a nail gun and 2" nails to secure the two plywood pieces together. If needed, use a hammer to flatten any nails that are not flush

9. To build the base for the legs, follow the steps in step 3 to create two new stacks of four pieces of 1" × 3" plywood, and secure the legs to the unit following steps 4 and 6

10. Measure 1½" down and 3" in from each corner, and mark with a pencil. This is where the leg will be attached. Drill a hole at the mark, and screw in the table leg tightly. Repeat for the remaining three legs

11. Paint the entire unit the color of your choice

Expert Tip: To make the unit look repurposed, water down the paint slightly.

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