Stained Glass Fireplace Screen

Stained Glass Fireplace Screen

Transform an underutilized fireplace into a warm and welcoming focal piece.

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Difficulty: Easy

(1) 30" × 30" salvaged dual-pane window frame
Permanent marker
(5) Translucent non-flammable glass paint (sapphire blue [2], pepper red, sun yellow and crimson)
(5) Bowls for paint
(3) Small and thin paint brushes
Wood glue
(2) Pieces of 12½" × 6" pre-cut plywood
(1) 29½" pre-cut plywood
Safety goggles
Nail gun
1" Brad nails
(1) Piece of 15" × 30½" pre-cut plywood (for base)
(7) 1¼" Screws
Screw gun
White paint
(6) Battery-operated candles (2 large, 4 small)


1. Print desired pattern (measured to size of frame), and tape it to the back of the glass. Adjust the picture so it’s straight

2. Clean the glass with rubbing alcohol before tracing the pattern

3. Flip the glass over and trace the pattern on the opposite side with a permanent marker

4. Paint the traced pattern, starting from the outside in. Allow to dry for 20-30 minutes

5. Remove the tracing paper. Build a three-sided box so your window will stand up safely and securely. Use wood glue to attach the two 12½" × 6" pieces of pre-cut plywood to the edges of the 29½" pre-cut plywood

6. Secure the newly added sides with a nail gun and 1" brad nails from the outside


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7. Glue the 15" × 30½" piece of plywood to the top of the wood box, and secure it with a nail gun

8. Continue to secure along the sides of the plywood to anchor it to the wood box

9. Add wood glue to the open short edges of the wood box, and attach it to the bottom front edges of the window pane

10. Secure the wood box to the window pane by drilling six 1¼" screws across the back of the box

11. Paint the wood box white to match the interior of the fireplace and set aside to dry for one hour

12. Place the fireplace screen inside the fireplace, and add candles

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