Stenciled Carpet

Stenciled Carpet

Transform a humdrum rug into a stylish accent piece using paint and stencils.

5 col

Difficulty: Easy

2' x 3' rug that will absorb paint
Foam paintbrushes
Washable fabric paint
Painter’s tape


1. Select the stencil you want to use, and cut it out

2. Decide on a pattern using the stencil. Secure the stencil to the paint-absorbing rug with painter’s tape

3. Using a foam paintbrush, blot the paint onto the secured stencil

Designer Tip: To get a crisp, clean painted design from the stencil, use less paint rather than more. Push the foam brush straight down onto the stencil so the paint won’t bleed, and stay within the lines of the stencil design. Let the paint set before moving the stencil to create another pattern

4. Repeat the process of placing the stencil on the rug and blotting with paint until a pattern has formed

5. Allow the rug to dry for 3 hours

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