Stone Accent Wall

Stone Accent Wall

This project adds faux stone panels to create a featured stonewall in your bedroom.

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**You’ll need: Jigsaw

Difficulty: Difficult

(16) 2’ x 4’ Faux stone panels for 128sqft coverage
Construction adhesive
Sanded stain grout
Drill with ¼” drill bit and Phillips head drill bit
Small box 2” Dry wall screws
4’ Tee square
Tape measure
Marker pen



1. Measure the length x height of the wall where you will be attaching the panels to calculate how many panels you will need to purchase. The wall for this project required sixteen panels in a 4 x 4 configuration (See diagram below)

2. Lay the panels on the floor, interlocking them together to get a feel for how they connect (See image below)

3. Locate the center of the wall using a tape measure and mark with a pencil. Your center two panels (1 and 2) will be placed flush with the baseboard and meet at this center point


Each panel comes with interlocking edges. The panels that will be placed along the baseboard, sides and ceiling will need to be cut so they have a straight edge. For the 4 x 4 layout shown, you will need to cut one or more straight edges on twelve panels (See examples with red “cut” lines below) Inset 3

4. Take panel 1 and lay it face side down on your work surface. Use a 4’ Tee-square and marker pen to level off the bottom of the panel so it will have a flat edge against the baseboard. Wear safety glasses and cut off the excess with a jigsaw (See images below)

5. Hold up panel 1 to the wall, flush with the baseboard and check with a 4’ level that the panel is straight. If it isn’t then a little more of the panel may need to be shaved off with the jigsaw until it’s level

6. Once it has been determined with the level that the panel is straight, remove it from the wall and apply construction adhesive over the back side


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7. Place panel 1 back against the wall so it’s bottom right corner is flush with the center mark from Step 3 and flush with the baseboard.

8. Secure in place using a drill with a Phillips head drill bit and 2” dry wall screws through the panel. Place the screws where there is faux grout, spacing them about 12” apart (See image below)

9. Repeat Steps 4 through 8 for attaching the remaining panels

10. Once all the panels are attached, dab a small amount of sand stained grout onto all the screw heads to hide them


Some of the panels may need to be placed along a wall with a power outlet. When you come across a panel that will cover an outlet, a hole needs to be cut in the panel. We will use panel 1 as the example:

11. Panel 1 will be positioned to the left of the center mark from Step 3. Measure the distance from the center mark to the edge of the power outlet and note the distance (Measurement 1). Measure from the baseboard to the bottom of the power outlet and note that distance also (Measurement 2). These measurements will be used to cut a hole in the panel

12. Lay the panel face side down on your work surface and locate the side edge of the panel that will be centered over the center mark on the wall. Using your measurements from Step 11, measure in from the side edge with Measurement 1 and mark the panel with a pencil. Measure from the bottom of the panel up to the Measurement 1 mark using Measurement 2. Where the two points meet will be where the outlet hole needs to be (See image below)

13. Place a wall socket cover onto the back panel using your measurement marks from Step 12 as placement reference. Trace around the wall socket cover

14. You will need a drill and jigsaw to make the hole in the panel. Drill a hole into a corner of the marked out wall socket. This hole will allow the jigsaw to fit through to begin cutting. (See image below)

15. Put on your safety glasses. Slide the blade of the jigsaw into the drill hole and saw along one straight edge. Place the blade back in the drill hole and drill a wide curve over to the adjacent edge and down into the corner. This will line the blade up for you to remove the first piece. Continue sawing in curves until you have access to all four corners and the hole is made (See images below)

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