String Light Chandelier

String Light Chandelier

Follow these steps to create your own custom string lighting fixture!

5 col

Difficulty: Intermediate

Old bike tire rim (Remove and discard the rubber liner.)
Work gloves (2 pairs)
25-foot bailing wire (1 roll pre-cut)
Needle nose pliers
String lights with Edison light bulbs
10-foot chain


  1. First, put on the work gloves, then take the bailing wire and wrap around the tire rim. This helps secure the lights when attached. You don’t need to wrap the wire too tight

  1. Cut another piece of bailing wire, measured at 3 feet long. Clamp one end of the wire down to the table, and put the other end into the opening of the drill. Turn on the drill to twist and tighten the wire. Repeat two more times for the other two wires until you have three individual pieces of twisted bailing wire

  1. Attach and secure the three 3 foot pieces of twisted bailing wire on three different points around the tire rim. Use the needle nose pliers to wrap and secure them each around the rim. This wire will be used to hang the structure

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  1. Next, take the string lights and run the wire along the side of the rim. To clip the light in place, use the needle nose pliers to lift the bailing wire and slide light clip through the bailing wire

  1. Bring the 3 twisted bailing wires from step 3 together, and use the needle nose pliers to twist and knot them together (See image below)

  1. Use the chain link to attached to hang the full unit. Open one of the links of the chain and loop in your twisted bailing wire cluster. Then, close the opening in the chain with the pliers. Install a ceiling hook per recommended installation instructions, then loop chain link to hook and hand your light structure

  1. Consult an electrician for installation of the light connection

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