String Light Fixture

String Light Fixture

Make a cute lighting fixture out of yarn and a balloon. It’s easy and unique.

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Difficulty: Easy

18” Round latex balloon – color doesn’t matter
Large ball of yarn – color doesn’t matter
Large bottle clear-drying adhesive sealer (e.g. White glue)
Spray paint – semi-gloss – color of your choice
Pendent light kit
Rubber gloves
Medium size bowl
Painters tape
LED Light bulb
Glue gun with glue sticks



1. Inflate the balloon to the desired size of the lamp fixture. For this project the balloon was inflated to 18”. Tie the end of the ball of yarn around the neck of the balloon and secure in place with a small piece of painters tape (See image below)

2. Put on the rubber gloves. Pour the adhesive sealer into the bowl and submerge the ball of yarn into it. Squeeze the yarn and re-dip it to make sure it’s fully saturated (See image below)

3. Start wrapping the yarn around the balloon making sure it’s kept taut as you go. Continue wrapping the balloon with yarn until it is well covered. Cut yarn and tie the loose end to the neck of the balloon to secure it. Apply a layer of adhesive sealer over the balloon with a painter’s brush to ensure the yarn is fully covered (See images below)


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4. Hang the balloon up to dry overnight before moving on to the next steps

5. Once the yarn is dry, take a sharp pair of scissors and pop the balloon. The yarn will hold its shape. Pull the deflated balloon out through a gap in the yarn

6. In a well ventilated area, spray paint the yarn the color of your choice and allow to dry for about an hour before moving on to the next step


7. Carefully spread a small section of yarn apart and slide the LED light bulb into the light fixture. Attach the light fixture socket to the bulb (See image below)

8. Feed the light cord into the fixture so the bulb is hanging in the middle of the ball. Close up the string around the cord where it meets the string and apply a small amount of hot glue around the cord and string to keep the cord in place

9. Now the light is assembled, it can be hung from a hook in the ceiling. Consult an electrician if you decide to hard wire the light to the ceiling

Tip: Use this same technique to make smaller, cute decorations here.

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